Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Marinating / Soaking Up Game PT.4 :The Saga / Struggle Continues

 Chicken wings were in the ice box aka refrigerator with honey and brown sugar on them...marinating..

In these games? wings, power forwards and  centers run up and down the court plays were run for them..point guards were hating...

Like Lebron James were moving forward like free agents..but we noticed hope was diminishing for others..

...As the clock ticks...Carmelo Anthony hopes he signs with the New York Knicks..meanwhile  agents of the apparatus  per Citigroup mortgage schemes try to be slick with these brothers...

..As the clock ticks...some understand me...this breakbeat science is based on doing the knowledge aka soaking up game...

I was marinating..whether I do or don't somebody will damn me..they'll even bomb the compound like Israel vs Hamas in the Gaza Strip..who's cloak and dagger in the game? 

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