Friday, July 25, 2014

Damn!! Here We Go Again!! Once Again? It's On

This is like an old rerun of the Andy Griffith Show on TV Land;  damn here we go again! 

Once again? it's on!! the mothership has landed me in this forsaken territory;  similar to the Gaza Strip where the drama is ongoing. 

A brotha gets scientific;  flowing down the mainstream of mathematics doing the knowledge.  

Another gets fanatical about their doctrine!! that's word from Hillary Clinton vs Vladimir Putin!! now we bear witness to how foul things can get.

Some forget history can repeat itself;  the truth? some are disputing!! damn here we go again!! 

Once again it's on!! like ISIS rolling up on Iraq some forfeit rights and privileges while caught in a moment of time;  damn!!   here we go again!!

...knowing how the sport can get!!  I heard what was said!!  but I didn't know where to go with it. 

 So called pundits and experts wax poetic like they know about it. 

I'm done with it!! knowing how it works!! some don't know about it!! what? The Ville aka Louisville!! I tried to explain it to them..but they don't hear me though!!

I'm done with it!! knowing how it hurts!! what? the pain!! let the healing process begin!! who'll fear me though? 

...those that fake the funk will!!  after they get what's coming to them!! karma is something else!

Damn!!  Here we go again!! once again? it's on!! in the danger zone? survival is something else!!

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