Monday, July 21, 2014

Putting Work In / Still Blue Collar With It

The style is still blue collar;  like the Isley Brothers?  I had work to do. 

The foul think it's about a dollar or Euro;  even Tina Turner said we didn't need another hero!! so what'll work for you? 

 The style is European since Germany won the World Cup in soccer? 

The foul act brand new with ya like Ukraine rebels;  who'll work with me or you? they want to see me and you in a Hurt Locker

You heard?  O-Deezy will rock ya!!  but he had to keep the squares out of his circle.

Please!!  these are some trying times!! the Uranus Pluto Square will hurt ya! 

I heard ya out there!!  crying a river  per Justin Timberlake. 

But some were crying wolf!  plus wannabe lumberjacks holla timber!!  they were fake. 

We've had all that we can take so we get to work!!  we had to fix things. 

The style is blue collar!!  check out how we kick things !!

Still putting work in;  "holla if ya here me" ..not trying to be sick with things per the so called Hamas Civilian Death Strategy...

Still putting work in; blue collar with it!! not slick with things per the Kanye West GQ interview..some act brand new!! but that's not me!!

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