Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Reluctant Warrior PT.2

It's going down as usual... what? check out the ongoing spiritual warfare;  it's redundant.  

It's going down like the ongoing drama in the Gaza Strip...some might flip!!  minds, bodies, souls and spirits are left out there!!  so you know some are reluctant.  

Damn!! some souls will receive demerits for violating the church covenant!!  a foul lifestyle? they're loving it!! they were way out of order. 

Smoking  meth..White Owls / weed or Newports in the green packs; Marlboros in the black and white!!  damn!! they were way out of order...

...drinking Budweisers and Grey they're on the loose!! they "ain't acting right"  they're causing confusion, chaos and mayhem;  they were way out of order. 

...Acting wise and otherwise like jokers over in the Ukraine with surface to air missiles shooting down Malaysia Flight 17;  was that videotape of the missile launcher headed back across the Ukraine / Russian border? 

We weren't joking with them!! we were wise to the set up!! we were  just trying to maintain;  we were way way out there across the border!!  but eventually we had to come back in. 

Reluctant....I wasn't in love with it anymore per the Detroit Pistons and Josh Smith!!  I was blue collar;  these other jokers were slacking.

What's up with it? I rolled up listening to Mosh Pit by Flosstradamus; now checking out the  sideways glances,  careless whispers,  plus silence...that was the reception when I came back in. 

....No where to run or hide from sharks and piranhas after I  did the math;  deception I factor in.

...No where to run or hide!! whose acting in the ongoing drama? they might even be destroying evidence at crash sites like Russia in the Ukraine..

I was trying to slide through the portal..knowing how the sport will the reason Dwight Howard left the Lakers..... now I'm back on the battle ground with reluctance...fakers make it hard for a brotha to maintain...


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