Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Outback Chronicles / Smoke and Mirrors Edition

 This is business as usual...sitting outback on the deck...it's the Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition...

What it do? society will still disrespect...like drama in the Gaza Strip check out the ongoing Reign of Terror...jokers act brand new with me...the Lord I'll have to petition..

Sitting outback on the deck...feeling the July heat..downtown in the plaza? some just might flip!! smoke and mirrors is in affect from corporate boardrooms to the street!!   I told you it's business as usual..

What can you expect? the American manufacturing industry decreases but supposedly help is on the way..meanwhile drama is manufactured...similar to the  Republicans and the immigration issue..

What can you expect?  now Jose Antonio Vargas gets caught up in the system / matrix...the smoke and mirrors reminds me of  the fog in San Francisco..dealt with last year around this time...when I was West Coasting...

What can you expect? jokers will get what's coming to them like  Antonio Bays Priest Father Malone in The Fog...I even had to update this Captain's Log...based on Seaboarding...

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