Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Saga / Struggle Continues : Still Doing The Knowledge

The saga / struggle continues!! but there's no information overload due to the intelligence gathering. 

NSA, FBI,  and other alphabet boys play with their toys while O-Zone drops math up in this thing. 

Danger zone transformations have some in pimp mode!! they're  rocking white Steve Maddens like they were Billy White Shoes Johnson!!

The stranger spotted was just a clone!! what was he on?  while parking lot pimping I spotted him reading Strawberry Letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson. 

No strawberry letters per the Steve Harvey Show!! so what's the response son? so what's really working?

Dude was reading the players manual!!  plus he had the flashlight on in the day time!!  searching!! 

Check my attitude; I sent up prayers and blessings come down!!  I chilled out and let the game come to me. 

Doing the knowledge;  word from a veteran in the game now coaching!!  I get what's coming to me. 

The mothership gets good mileage! O-Deezy is funky drumming for me!! plus this good word is dropped..

A brotha gets scientific based on how foul it is!!  jokers will file lawsuits like the GOP vs Obama!!  please!! the madness never stopped!! 

A fanatic copped an attitude like Justin Bieber or Orlando Bloom!!  meanwhile the brotha O-Dog brought the boom while I brought this good word!!

Mathematics out here in the mainstream will get a brotha suspended like Stephen A Smith!! the saga / struggle continues but we're still doing the knowledge; you heard? 

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