Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's Going Down; We're Putting It Down Like This PT.3

This is business as usual; but that can be a good or bad thing.

Breakbeat scientific business is handled in this realm; we're Breaking Bad with this per Walter White!!   we're doing the damn thing. 

Y'all ain't right!!! those fake with it will get what's coming to them!!  planes will get shot down like Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

Like Detroit water shutoffs who's mad at you because you didn't go along with the program?  now your considered obscene. 

Who's mad at you? now jokers want to cut you off like your in traffic on I-285 in Atlanta!! please!!  I was observing the scene!!  I spotted the discontent. 

Some are disillusioned by the institution; per Joseph Wood in Arizona  jokers will botch the execution;   my mind?  I'm using to pull the plug as I disconnect. 

...from the mainframe;  in this hood whose fair with a bruh?  I'm just trying to maintain!!  spot me putting it down like this. 

A reluctant warrior in the ongoing spiritual warfare;  but If I want my peace?  I'll have to fight for this.  

What's up with it? there's no justice or peace per the Mideast; safe haven / safe harbors are raided like UN shelters hit up in the Gaza Strip.. 

What's up with it? what's up with us? it's going down...we're putting it down like this!! but a brotha is hip to the helter skelter so I'm trying not to flip...

...oh yeah!!  I'm trying not to flip like ISIS blowing up Jonah's tomb while Lara Croft raided the others.. 

We're putting it down like this!! dropping this good word plus O-Dog's funk bomb drops!! check the arts and crafts layed down by these brothers!! 

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