Saturday, July 19, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Way Way Out There: Doing What I Do

I was dipping down I-20 in Atlanta....who'll understand a brotha?  but I can see these folk don't want to act right. 

I was tripping last weekend around this time ...dipping down I-95 in Savannah; Seaboarding!! but others aren't on one accord with this thing!! I heard about the scheme or plot!!  jokers don't wanna act right. 

Now I hear they're tripping in Savannah!! they're not on one accord in this thing!! 7 people shot in 48 hours!!  jokers don't want to act right..

Plus they're flipping out up in Chicago!! but this brotha knows how the sport will go since I'm from Louisville / Newburg the home of First 48 all stars!! those jokers don't want to act right!!

...So I take flight...going for what I know;  even though I'm still dealing with the drama when intergalactic moves are made!!  but check the boom from the funk after the mothership lifted off; now I'm way way out there. 

Jokers see me in flight; but countrified fakes try to holla across the room like they're outside;  why go there? 

Nothing is fair in love or war!! it's going down!! from Malaysia Flight 17  falling out of the sky to your spot can getting raided like the Gaza Strip

I'm way way out there!!  outside the box!!  if I was inside?  a brotha would flip. 

But I will take it there;  I couldn't skip any steps in the process. 

I'm in the ATL with the Louisville state of mind !! some say I'm a hot mess. 

I'm in the ATL rolling down I-20; no telling where I'll stop this...but I admit; I'm barely hanging in here like Tiger Woods..

Please!! it's easy to fail during the ongoing process; all up in the spot? we feel the stress!! please!! it's tight in these hoods... 


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