Sunday, July 13, 2014

Seaboarding PT.3

                         Dipping down 1-95 ...Seaboarding
Once again it's on!! chilling out from the Edgewood area in Jacksonville....on over to even Beaufort South Carolina with the Sisters of The New South...please!!  I'm not the first to brag and boast...were Seaboarding.

......listening to the O-Dog funk in the hooptie..I was even out on Baymeadows and Southside Drive out on the First Coast...knowing these haters aren't on one accord in this thing.  

...that's per Jordan Davis....some will misbehave with this like it's open season on a brother. 

They would rather protect the sea turtles on Tybee Island!  but like Pat Riley understanding why Lebron James went back to Cleveland I understand another. 

Meanwhile Tybee Island police sweat brothers cruising in donks, boxes and bubbles...clocking what a brotha we dodge thunder storms with the lightning bolts like it's the's going down like this!!  as we jump hurdles like Edwin Moses. 

Where did you find me? I'm dipping down I-95 like Usain Bolt was under the hood!! soon I'll enlighten the masses with these hot topics...there's no time for glamour shot poses

Down memory lane?  it was easy to go under in the hood!!  my posse was on Broadway in Louisville per Sir Mix A Lot

Down memory lane?  hustlers and players  schemed up on a Brown Brothers Cadillac on money provided to drive it off the lot. 

These days? were maintaining....letting the hustlers hustle and players play...the OG from Charlotte was in the amen corner!!  were all up in the spot from Atlanta to Savannah. 

Seaboarding!! who's on one accord in this thing?  who else will understand a bruh?

See me boarding the mothership as a brotha gets scientific..I tried to explain it to a fanatic but now they're mad at me....

...because I didn't go along with the microchip was planted damn it!! now they're mad at me...

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