Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Buffet PT.2 / I Had To Back Away From It

I’m chilling out!! I’m all up in the spot;  a reluctant warrior  just trying to parlay.

Shady dealing goes down out there!! like Malaysia Flight 17 being shot down in the Ukraine!!  but that’s how these jokers play.

I had to back away from the buffet:  like this player allergic to the drama I was also allergic to the foods served. 

I couldn’t work with a fool I pity them like Mr. I’m on another track these days!!  others applaud when they see how the food truck swerved.

I’m rolling like Truck Turner!!  justice is served!!  check the karma..some will get what’s coming to them. 

I’m rolling!!  the CD burner stays busy!!  O-Deezy is funky drumming on them.
The Buffet PT.2 / I Had To Back Away From It | Whats Really Going On?

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