Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I Jumped In PT.2

Here we go again...displaying verticality like Michael Jordan back in the day.. I got a good running start...then I dived in. 

What's happening? ask Chamillionaire about Michael Jordan..meanwhile these ATLiens were all about glamour and glitz ....they sweat the vehicle that I arrive in. 

Please!!  staying alive is the mission in Babylon during this ongoing blitz.... like the Bee Gees joint that was my theme song.

Some are ready to blitz like Israel vs Hamas...others were shucking and jiving; what are they on?  they said it's all good but everything seems wrong. 

One bucking the system seems strong...but soon they're caught up in it. 

I kept on trucking per Eddie Kendricks..chaos and confusion?  I was brought up in it. 

I didn't pump brakes like Bendix!! please!!  taking a loss or losing was the by product. 

This brotha jumped on in!!  now some want to question my conduct. 

Questions on the test? some are stumped on them..they even wonder if I'm conducting myself in an orderly fashion. 

...Especially since I just jumped on in the mystery tour..with thought and fashion police I'm clashing. 

Had to admit...my history is not pure...but maybe this breakbeat science will bring a cure to the madness...but some said it's sick like Jason Kidd's alter ego...

I jumped in...soon it'll be like Jason Nelson mentioned;  God is shifting the atmosphere kid!! ..it'll alter a Negro...


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