Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Reluctant Warrior

I was all up in the spot where beggars were trying to be choosy. 

Plus....I was hip to the game;  so it was easy for these jokers to lose me. 

These good words and funky sounds were like a weather forecast..that's exactly how we're trying to put it down.  

..that's how were trying to play it!! an Israeli ground offensive in the Gaza? ...naw my brotha!! ...we're letting my peeps know what's going down...

Back in the day?  chilling at the Greyhound Bus Station / plaza..I said I was going to Atlanta to put it down for a minute or two...but damn!!  I'm still here. 

Back in the way?  I was just trying to chill...I just play the funky sound and drop this good word...these are my weapons..just a reluctant warrior fighting this redundant spiritual warfare. 

I wasn't trying to go there!! God's blessings are abundant because He's in that kind of business!! plus I'm all about peace like the Dalai Lama

But the saga / struggle continues like the crisis on the Gaza Strip ....or it even jumps off with Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down by a missile over Ukraine...were caught up in the drama. 

Who'll understand a bruh?  no brain protein identified that said I have Alzheimer's when this good word is dropped...

Who'll understand a bruh who's intergalactic?  check how he cosmic slopped. 

I stopped chilling at the buffet...a fanatic was just a chef from Hell's Kitchen...they weren't on the Food Network..

Plus it's tight in these's like a nuclear winter...some are ready to sing the blues like  Johnny Winter...a fool can't get work!! 
Dude said I looked like Tiger Woods who just shot a 69 at the Opens Championship in England....I was rocking the stripped Nautica shirt with some khakis and Sperry Docksiders...

Dude was just a hustle knocker / cock blocker per the Deliberate this reluctant warrior is back on the battlefield with the New Age Freedom Riders...

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