Monday, November 03, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific Business / Putting Work In

 Check the Monday Morning Blahs Edition;  but I still Work, Work, I go to work, like that joint by  Kool Moe Dee!!!!

Wasn't loathing, fearing or mourning due to past episodes!! Work is put in!!! Then progress is made; that's what life showed me!!!!

Check the mechanical engineering as O-Dizzle is bringing the funky sounds;  it's his Call Of Duty per the Advanced Warfare as we take it there!! we'll get the masses amped!! but we never **Lamped or Fronted**  like we had it going on!!!!

**Got My Mind Right**  *Did The Knowledge**  What's Really Going on???

Like Marvin Gaye!! **What's Going On??....damn!! that song is still relevant!!!!

Trying to survive in this world that's no where close to being benevolent!!!!

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