Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sticking To The Original Plan.......

               ..........sticking to the original plan........

Had to stay flexible; it's rough out here for a brotha per Ferguson grand jury decisions; but I stick to the Original Plan;  this brotha is multi-dimensional..

OMANXL1?  the original man!!  chilling out on this so called Thanksgiving Day!! but I give thanks to the Lord everyday!! but the brotha uses wisdom that is unconventional..

What's up son? like Robert Griffin III in the Washington Redskin system anotha is preventing you from being all you can be!!

Ill situations go down!! but I dunk like Blake Griffin after I turn them around!!  I make them work for me!!

How are we living? systematic procedures hurt me and you!! powers that be try to play high post...

Playing us like were unworthy!! not welcome! they're not a good host!!

Some will even brag and boast like the  GOP and their 2015 agenda!! like they got the situation locked down..

O-Dog will unleash this Sonic Assault on them!!  he's shooting better than Louisville in Pitino's 700th win!! he wasn't a pretender!! he rocked the sound!!

This Is How It's Going Down!!! that's the name of the O-Dog Podcast!!  check the steady bombardment.

This is how we do things!! we're at least acting like we knew things!! please!!! check the ongoing Total Chaos!! they were the ones who started it!!

So we put our heart in it;  that's how this black men will play per this Pre Black Friday!! as we bring you this funky sound!! sticking to the Original Plan!

It's part of a bigger one!! per Matthew 6:10 God's will be done!! on Earth as it is in heaven!! .

...believing every thing will all right as we don't lose sight!! we keep our eyes on the prize!!

Some will be deceiving the masses!! haters talks a good game but all I heard was a bunch of lies!!

But don't be surprised when no remorse is shown per Darren Wilson but we know the deal son!! check us out as plans get executed!! we put it down!!

Sticking to the Original Plan!!  check The Sonic Assault as we come forward with the sound!!


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