Monday, December 01, 2014

The Chain Of Command / Chain Of Events PT.5

Sonic Assaults are going down!! check out the chain of events!!  check the Steady Bombardment of the Enemy Position...

Check out the chain of command!! O-Zone is going in!! he'll hit them up with the Good Word!! you heard? now like grand jury decisions in Ferguson items like this set off a chain reaction..

Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman types make it reign again; clones following orders from the Capitol like so called Hunger Game peacekeepers destroying District 12!! the drought wasn't taking a toll!!
How are you feeling? in pain again? there's no remorse!!  for a black man? there's no justice or peace!! even if your a black Star Wars stormtrooper per John Boyega!!  devils will laugh while taking a soul!! 

Check the chain of events as the story is twisted on the news at six  per shootouts at the bodega; Brothas taking the blame again? my last episode? The Game Is Over!!

Check the chain of events; Brothas taking the blame again?? no no no no!! the blame is over!!!

Check out the chain of command as O-Dog brings the beats and O-Zone this good word!! The Critical Stages of Development? it's going down!!

O-Dog hooked up a mix at O-Dog's Podcast..This Is How It's Going Down!!

Throwing down!! due to history / the chain of events the vibe is based on Miles Davis or even Thelonious Monk..

Back to the future? Retro-Futuristic!! that's what you call the O-Dog funk..

Who's acting brand new with ya when your being realisitic? was it wrong to want freedom like Hong Kong? 

This chain of command will rebuke the chain of events by using supreme courage and maximum strength; we stay strong!!

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