Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Whole World Is Wicked!!! (Check Out How They Kick It)

....this whole world is wicked!!  do the knowledge!! check how some folk kick it!!!

The bag? you'll get tricked into getting in it per Charles Barkley!! they told you that was the ticket!!

Jokers are crazy like Gnarls Barkley!! why did they start with me? The Brotha O-Zone took his time;  he had to peep the "steelo"

What's the deal? I could see some were poison;  per Bell Biv Devoe?

Choose your weapons / poison per losing your poise in the situation; No Love Below!! but O-Dog rocks...the Speaker Boxxx is jammin!!

...per ATL's OutKast!! but I'm considered an outcast!! this brotha rejects the programming...

Alternate programming?  check the steady bombardment of the enemy position from the podcast!! a brotha could see that this whole world is wicked..

I looked around!!  I took notes!! from Al Shabab in Kenya to the Ferguson agenda I watched how some of these folks kicked it..

I took the sound and these quotes and use them as a rebuttal against the wicked!!  but I'm not a pretender!!  I won't try to out brag or out boast anyone!! a brotha remains humble..

O-Zone just collaborates with O-Dog;  we interrupt the smoke and mirrors / the fog!! now snares hit and the bass will rumble!!

I'll admit; per danger zone business? like Sony computers hacked by North Korea because of The Interview I stumbled out of the gate!! actually I was tripped..

Folks in this world are wicked!! full of hate!! but I chilled; O-Zone never flipped..

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