Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Composure / Exposure PT. 2

Whats the deal? you should know life is much is the reality check you'll get? damn!!  now Jordan Davis is shot down in Jacksonville...its easy to lose your composure! 

It gets way to real...some misbehave with that and this...we might fall off the fiscal the apparatus disrespected...they fronted on us like Fire Obama signs all over Tennessee; plus check the secession petitions..check the maximum exposure! 

They had us looking for closure after the tragedy occurred!

 Superstorm Sandy or even Katrina types understand me..O-Zone never believed hypes per Public Enemy ....names were cursed after the speech was slurred!

 Lines were blurred due to the smoke and entity played games; now some will lose their composure! 

Authority was deferred to vigilantes..some were stranded due to these; caught out in the inclement weather..the maximum exposure!

This good word is composed for ya!! plus O-Dizzle stays vigilant when dropping the funk! 

Stay focused!!  you heard?  the devil is opposed as we deal with it ...coming real with it;  down here in the ATL getting crunk!

Stay focused!! that's what some tell the Atlanta the New Orleans Saints come marching in...

Stay focused....don't lose your composure...some tailgate at hell's gate...drunk and smoked out...rocking Julio Jones jersey's...Rocawear jeans had starch in them...

Predators preyed...introduced the bogus...check the exposure...hate shown in these danger zones...whose seduced?..torched or touched by the ongoing lunar eclipse...  

Points scored after we maintaining our composure even during the exposure...we had to sacrifice..but we kept it moving...these brothas dipped...

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