Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jumping After Recognizing / Doing The Knowledge..

 Whats the deal?  dude jumped to the conclusion after recognizing the pattern! 

Checked the attitude..some will flip!! drama is like the Gaza Strip  ...meanwhile I dipped out beyond Pluto / Mars or Saturn!

Didn't dip in the Saturn Aura..on earth I recognized the pattern of terror and'll get thrown under the in Tel Aviv the bus can even explode...its business as usual!

Strengthening my aura...rolling down Broadway up in Louisville in the Buick Lucerne / LeSabre..soaking up game...already learned the American Dream type fable..the outcome was unusual! 

Knowing how the system will Jesse Jackson Jr some take themselves out of the play...patterns were recognized! 

Soon I jumped to conclusions..the right ones? if so..everything's a go...I'm back in the action..situations will get rectified! 

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