Sunday, November 04, 2012

I Had To Ask Them; So Whats Shaking?

Had to admit I was acting brand new..with a fresh vision...but I just had to ask them; whats the deal? whats shaking? 

Limelight baskers pay the cost to be the boss...its like the presidential campaign..Obama vs Romney..whose keeping it real and whose faking?

Grimy ones get their crime tight..even after Superstorm Sandy;  from strong arm muscling to filling up spam folders! 

Gamblers were out for a fast buck..they were pimping like G20..worried about the money...they weren't worried about the damn stakeholders!

Those are their words not mine!! what were they on? its like the SEC vs Groupon...corporate robber barons were fake beauty beholders working with spin masters!

Meanwhile O-Dizzle was doing the damn thing!! breaking beats, playing cassettes and vinyl spinning the masters!

O-Zone has plans for winning Tiger Woods;  but just like him I'm in a slump!

Danger zone residents bear witness; its tight in these hoods!! meanwhile were in transition.....were just trying to get over the hump! 

So whats shaking? peeps were down in the dumps...they were out of sync...discombobulated!

Whats baking toxic gases  in Decatur from South Dekalb dumps next to half a million dollar homes;  plus on Windows screens data is populated!

So whats shaking whose in the database? I don't know..the popular are hated while the humble inherit the earth

So whats shaking?  check the dollar doesn't seem that way...whats the case along fault lines out in Cali it can be the earth!

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