Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zoning...Trying To Ease My Mind

A lot of things are going on..I was trying to chill for a David Petraeus will I play this? I was just trying to ease my mind!

Whats the deal? clones bring the the Strip over in Gaza; some misbehave with this... misery loves company..please!! you know the kind! 

Plus drones bring the drama from Somalia to Kandahar to the NYC; even Pakistan has their own!! priorities shifted! 

Whats up man? O-Zone even felt the pressure..word from a veteran in the game; once young, black, and gifted! 

Per Nina Simone...but now its on!! check the Sonic Assault..we apply full court pressure these the zone defense; I grab the ball and run with it! Georgetown and the UNLV Running Rebels back in the day;  new school will get back in the way..I'm done with it!

....didn't like the way it was going down; whats the deally? these days punk ass jokers are slacking and lolly gagging! 

....didn't like the way it was going down; spotted monkey ass jokers down here in the ATL calling themselves styling and profiling..or even swagging! 

I was zoning..heard those jokers making alibis like Republicans talking about why Romney lost.. whats will the response be...whats the cost? I peeped the Deliberate Falsehood...others were bragging and boasting; its their story and they're sticking to it! 

I was zoning....observing the scene; soon ready to roll..I'm on my way; with the brand new funk...breakbeat science?  I'm kicking to it!

I was zoning..observing the scene like Obama in New York viewing the Superstorm Sandy damage...

I was zoning...thinking of a master plan..trying to get it in sync with the Master's when life is the midst of the storm..we can still do damage...

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