Monday, November 12, 2012

They Thought They Knew

They thought they knew what was Karl Rove;  but actually it turned out to be their opinion! 

.....which everyone is entitled to; even though they still don't know what it do in this or that dominion! 

We keep fighting through...refusing to take a fall...mysterious like James Bond in Skyfall...but everyone is dealing with something; they have to bear a cross like Jesus did! 

...the one I gave thanks to before I ate the meal up in this thing; whats up y'all? please!! it's rough out whose doing a bid?

Caught up in the system / matrix...caught out here..even pimping like  David Petraeus ..because they thought they knew what it do! 

How did jokers play that and this? please!! I was brought up around those Louisville I know when a joker fakes it; trying to act like they knew! 

These pranksters thought they knew me like Republicans thought they knew America...but they got it wrong..just new type gangsters; ...meanwhile my profile is kept low...I'm chilling out like a needle in a haystack!

 Whatcha going through?  whatcha dealing with?  I told brother man it must be rough....going through the Superstorm like Sandy; I can tell when they give me feedback!

Jokers were told to give the purple drank and weed back; some didn't understand me...I guess the substances affected their thought process! 

They were hating; attitudes stank!! cosmic debris and residue were left in the atmosphere as we go through this!

Acting like they knew Mike D'antoni gets a chance..meanwhile we give thanks to the Lord for watching over us!

Jokers thought they knew what it do they even tried to get over on us!

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