Saturday, November 10, 2012

They Were Going Through It PT.10

 They were going through it acting like they knew it..but it's like Mike Brown being let go by the Lakers...unlike O-Dizzle they were faking the funk! 

Phil Jackson or Mike D'antoni back in the action? some jokers were missing in down here in the A-Town;  left their hometown with their monkey ass!!  whats the dizzle? they said something about getting crunk! 

Back in the action? fast breaking!!  getting the dunk like Lebron / D Wade and them beating the ATL Hawks;  but like D Wade they've lost a step or two! 

Some are lacking...I'm through with jokers who are faking; but like George Bush economic policies were still dealing with the cosmic debris and residue!

Haters told me there's no rest for you; were going through it!!  its an uphill's not over because Obama won! 

Some of the constituents are mad..check the slurs on Facebook;  they're about to come undone!   

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