Friday, November 23, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles / Black Friday Edition

This is another I dip down I-20 in the Buick LeSabre /  Lucerne!

 ...A brotha is just about at it...the threshold; please!! like others..stressed out...understand a bruh?  dude said deal with it...just get drunk..and the cannabis you must burn! 

But we bring the funk and the good Disco Infernos!! we're real with it...burn baby burn!! like some want Hollywood to do! 

Word from Public Enemy ..from San Francisco to NYC the reality show is ongoing..but the Louisville / Newburg bruh kept going...we kept on running...what did you expect somebody from the hood to do? 

Whats good dude?  jokers asked me at the West End Mall in Atlanta where I chilled for a minute! 

...Wrote this on so called Black Friday...check the this word from a black man trying to find a way;  I'm in it to win it!

The system keeps track of the way I play..per domain awareness systems;  with help from Microsoft...Lou Rawls mentioned a world of trouble! 

Dipping down I-75 in the at Lenox Mall...the DJ in the Microsoft store hooked the beats up...jokers did the wobble! 

Similar to O-Dizzle transmitting live...after peeping game like the Hubble Telescope! 

Dipping down I-20 radiating energy like a sun tsunami..word from Jesse Jackson..alive?  that's how I kept hope!

Whats the deally? some are on a slippery slope..they'll be victims of circumstances...due to power grabs like in Egypt by President Mohamed Morsy...

...Or due to power grabs by Gabriel Aubry...ex-boyfriend of Halle Berry..catching beatdowns...streets? we dip down...down here in Atlanta dipping down I-20....

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