Saturday, November 10, 2012

Were Back On The Warpath

No disrespect..but like trail of tear descendants seeking revenge were back on the warpath!

Reality checks were cashed by these middle passage descendants; whats the deal with it?  now were back with the brand new funk and more math! 

Were dedicated to the truth; not uncouth like Hyundai and Kia....overstating mpg in their vehicles!

This is word for those devastated by superstorm Sandy;  providing proof as we let the music play!! based on Cd's, cassettes, vinyl and MP3s; as we act like we knew!

Not the norm...mysterious like James Bond in Skyfall...whats up y'all? who will understand me? why do I act like I do? please!!  my back was against the wall! 

The arch nemesis was on the premises; rolling up on the spot like marijuana tourism in Colorado or Washington...but they attacked the dorm..they want to see my folk take a fall!

Whats up y'all?  please!!  for some hope diminishes..some roll like James Holmes in Aurora Colorado...down to plan z...they're on the warpath! 

Whats up y'all? we come through with the breakbeat science and more math!

We're on the warpath...check the steady bombardment of the enemy position..funk is dropped on the danger zone...

We're on the warpath...whose up in the heart of it?..all up in the spot...I was even caught out there..feeling the pressure...against this world? it seemed like I was standing alone...

We're on the warpath..once again its on...I suddenly feel like a giant...

As we come with more math...this good word and the brand new funk...but jokers say I wasn't compliant...   

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