Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We're Back In The Action Unlike Phil Jackson

Were all up in the spot...damn!!  were back in the action! 

Things get hot...just ask David Petraeus...dealing with player haters wanting to have hearings.....check the weather..we can't blame it on global warming;  but we span the globe brainstorming..warning you about that evil faction! 

What they know about a bro?  coming out swinging like Obama; usually chilling...but jokers say whatever...were we coaching like Phil Jackson back in the action? naw!! but were letting Mike D'antoni get a crack at it! 

....Down here in the ATL;  whose this bro approaching? looking like he's on those bath salts or a crack addict! 

Were back at it; just trying to maintain..refusing to fail...check the math now Sonic Assaults are unleashed!

Were back at it;  but we had to admit...were already screwing up!!  so we had to pump will screech! 

Witches and warlocks were brewing up elixirs...meanwhile fire and brimstone is preached by the old school baptist preacher...he'll beseech us...while the new school one was corporate...

A joker snitches..knocks the hustle...I even felt the pressure...some leeched...then they threw their own people under the Jet teammates did Tim Tebow...a Negro should know how the sport will get...

 I heard the sales pitches...were the masses reached? I don't think so...some people said they're jokers are signing Secession petitions..everybody wasn't in sync!

Fire by the Ohio Players played in the background; please!!  we've been on it!!  baby girl said the lab was pre-1995 anyway..I kept the link! the past..the sounds will blast..they'll thump; plus this good word is dropped ...were back in the action!

 Fasting and praying was done by the prophet and prophetess; as we go through the healing process..dealing with Donald Trump type jokers....still dealing with an evil faction!

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