Sunday, November 25, 2012

Letting It Go PT.2

 As we proceed and continue....were letting it go like turds in the toilet! 

Flushing it!! meanwhile O-Dizzle is cold crushing it!!  but knowing how the system works...the endeavor?  the system will try to spoil it! 

The caper? detectives said they'll foil like Sherlock Holmes..even if they trump up charges! 

The caper goes down!! much respect to James Holmes victims ...ignoring Donald Trump types with their charges!

....needing to let it go Holmes! another was like Morsi in Egypt; said he's taking over!! interim was the title for a joker sitting on the throne! 

All the faking is over for Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists; as they come near this...actually..the system / matrix tries to deceive us...but the Sonic Assault is like being hit up by a CIA drone! 

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