Friday, November 16, 2012

Jacques Schwarz-Bart / Abyss

Digital Crate Digging conjunction with what I listen to at work...presents Jacque Schwarz-Bart with the song Abyss. 

Heard this song earlier on 91.9 WCLK  while at the 9 to 5. It put me in chill mode. Just left the grind...not in party mode yet ...still chilling. Thought I'd listen to it one more time. check out the players and the track....

 John Scofield-guitar       Herve Samb guitar    Jacques Schwarz-Bart saxophone

 percussionists-Sonny Troupè Marke and Olivier Juste;    Vocals-Elisabeth Kontomanou 

 Abyss is the title track of an album of the same name dedicated to the memory of  Jacques Schwarz-Bart's  father, the late André Schwarz-Bart.Check it out..

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