Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marinating / Soaking Up Game PT.3

 Chilling out ...marinating like ribs in the Frigidaire..still soaking up game like I'm soaking up these  new moon / solar eclipse / Scorpio sun rays!

Out here in this frigid ATL we go there...were dealing with individuals caught up in the system / matrix;  soaking in the reign like Hamas in the Gaza Strip!!  but I know how the sport goes; check out how this son of God plays! 

This son of God prays so I can get through this madness...the Total Chaos!

 Its not odd...I'm hip to the game..knowing what the deal is; just like the Petraeus / Benghazi mess...jokers want us to take a loss! 

Its not did jokers try to play us? referees and officials fake the coin jokers that didn't shake the dice! crap games up in Louisville project / Las Vegas Sheppard Square and Parkhill back in the day;  it still ain't nothing nice! 

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