Thursday, November 22, 2012

Low Key PT. 8 / Minding and Tending

Low key...minding and tending like the Democrat Senate creating a firewall against Republican whats up?

My mind soon purging these clearance rack epiphanies..just in time for Black I'm beat blending y'all!!  were all up in the house while others bring the drama like Israel and Hamas...they need to put up or shut up!

 So whats up? low key with it...but had to admit I was even caught out there;  I can step away like Jesse Jackson Jr or I'll have to show and prove! 

This breakbeat scientific business will get handled as we proceed and continue..we stay on the move! 

Jokers fake it like the coup in Sudan...whats up man?  we know what the deal is what were they trying to prove?  its like this and like that!

Jake will get real with it; they'll stop and frisk like NYC..please!! whose spotted in the domain awareness system?  its like this and like that! 

Little buddy over in Decatur Georgia said "they ain't right" with that!! World Ain't Right aka War was the name of the record label! 

Whats up with me low Hector Camacho its easy to get blasted on...otherwise a hater is ignored...their game ain't tight..I can't afford to believe the fable! 

This world is unstable...whatcha know? check the wise and otherwise...the Alice and Wonderland / Mamby Pamby type business was fraudulent!

 This world is unstable; check the system / matrix..whose caught up in it?

 As these brothas get scientific..were just minding and tending!

 O-Zone is dropping this good word while O-Dizzle is beat blending!

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