Monday, November 05, 2012

Still Bearing Witness / Life Is Hectic

Chilling....but soon due to the Total Chaos were bearing witness to the madness...Breezy Point and Rockaways can tell you what the deal is hectic!

 Losing bearings...what are we doing? taking a loss like in Syria; ...where are we going / where are we at? things seem erratic!

Errors committed by a fanatic left us stranded..G20 got funny with the money; now were out there caught in the system / matrix! 

Politicians tell us its either all good or falling apart....they just fake it! 

Missions didn't fail us;  we'll take a beat and break this good word is flipped! 

Missions didn't fail us...from the street to corporate corridors...we put it down..even though jokers talked the other way like David Ortiz said Bobby Valentine did..they tripped..

My mind never slipped..subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division is slipped into the scripture! 

Beat extraction from cassettes and vinyl take place..check the by product; those who slipped into darkness like War or Marcus Miller mentioned? some spotted light in the mixture! 

Life is hectic!!  the crucial or final conflict even affected my conduct...I slipped;  the picture wasn't pretty! 

Life is hectic!! but I kept it moving / sometimes sacrificed ..but I didn't let things get the best of me!

Disrespected...corporations kept proving they were shady like Hyundai and Kia...

Disrespected..some abort operations...they were going under...due to the policies of a non-believer...

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