Monday, November 19, 2012

The I-65 / I-75 Chronicles

 As we proceed and continue....this is word from an intergalactic / mystic I restore order! 

True indeed!! whats on the menu?  I dipped down I-75...getting out of Atlanta / Atlantis...I had to cross the border! 

Rolling down I-24 towards Nashville; soon on I-65 headed towards Louisville...was I out of order listening to  classic rock WSKZ up in Chattanooga? 

Peter Frampton was jamming!! hip to the sound; lessons learned while cramming..act like you knew a bruh! 

All up in the spot...there was no happy camping!! jokers were mad about Benghazi talking the hood missiles / pistols were fired back and forth like Hamas and Israel! 

All up in the spot....the mothership has landed on earth; as we go there...noticed these jokers stalking..trouble anoints one due to the deliberate some are cutting up from the ATL to Louisville! 

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