Monday, November 26, 2012

How Did We Try To Act?

Asking myself; how did we try to act? like Mohammed Morsi some were power grabbing...what were we trying to do? 

Multi-tasking!!  went on with our bad selves!! playing dirty like smashing and grabbing Hurricane Sandy victims...authorities didn't track?  please!! somebody is lying to you!

Basking in the limelight..per the Gangsta Chronicles some had their crime tight..even though frick and frack were fronting..

20-20 hindsight...they reminded me of Romney / maybe Drivin n Cryin...I heard they were clashing with Titans...was it exciting? I don't know...I was busy gathering and hunting...

Meanwhile dude said he was getting his mind right...he kept it pimping like Romney with binders full of women! 

....or maybe David did we try to play this?  how were we living?

 How were we trying to act? we prayed about this and others and ourselves were forgiving! 

....but knowing how others will act; paper? they're trying to stack... like Italy disliking austerity... whats the deally..some are soon subject to the authority...rights and privileges were forfeiting! 

But knowing we have the knack for we we put it down like this! 

Not trying to get off track...please!! were transmitting live!!  as we handle this breakbeat scientific business! 

Check the clearance rack epiphanies type business that goes down on this Cyber Monday;  writing this during the holiday season! 

How were we trying to act?  just trying to find the reason for the treason!

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