Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Composure / Exposure

Some are basking in the limelight ..check the exposure; they're out on front street!

Check the 20 /20 hindsight?  whatcha asking for?  now you receive it..now jumping and recognizing..saying it ain't right!! losing your composure!!  jokers were undercover like 21 Jump Street! 

Whats up with another? the drama jumped off in the street!! in the Middle East like Hamas vs Israel;    were they helped out by Iran? whats the deal man?  it even jumped off in the school or church...even in corporate corridors! 

The cartel bumped off the competition..the Zetas aren't playing; even though they make a sport of it..running more than just a shop of horrors! 

The apparatus didn't quit and didn't stop..well at least Rep. Allen West conceded...who else was defeated?  the smoke and mirrors made some people bump their heads!

.....on glass ceilings due to shady dealings;  while waiting in the dark they were misled! 

Guns blast!!  improvised devices explode like Afghanistan or even Syria..some lose their composure! 

Trying to maintain / make it last like Keith Sweat!! paying prices due to the mass hysteria / the exposure!

Trying to maintain...putting it down to the break of dawn...some are back up in the game like Plaxico Burress.... 

Trying to maintain...said they're Breaking Down...even said some took a Skyfall like James Bond...you heard this? 

Caught out there in the reign...a lot of faking going down..some even mention falling off a fiscal cliff...

Losing their composure due to the exposure...blessed or cursed after they received the gift? 



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