Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Reset Button / Default Settings…

What it do?  damn!! a lot of things have happened…so I had to hit the reset button; now things are on default settings!

What it do? damn!!  a punishment glutton is mad at me!!  like stock market investors after Obama won?  jokers will come undone.. said its my fault history is repeating!

Please !!  its like Texas A & M beating Alabama…with the Sonic Assault were defeating the enemy…..check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!

Hell was caught…we’re all up in the drama  like David did the system play us?  we hit the refresh button;  but in the heart of Babylon haters wonder how this entity is living!

Forgiving and forgetting? back in the action like Phil Jackson?  please!! I don’t know… danger zone residents make it hard to do that!

Left out in the cold shivering even though we have global warming; residents need to act like they knew that!

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