Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles...Humpday / Holiday Edition

As we proceed and continue...what it do? its humpday..knowing how a joker will play...they'll we're bringing another episode of the I-20 Chronicles! 

True indeed...just like the Gaza Strip ....there's so much drama in the ATL ...its hard being a White House turkey its also hard to prevail...but we respond to these and those! 

Whats the deal? that jive turkey  Mitt Romney is defeated..the devil was opposing 24/7...all night long per Lionel Richie..until the break of dawn! 

...per LL Cool J....what did dude say?  its on per Kobe!! please!! others are just out there chasing mavericks dealing with fanatics.....Breaking Dawn! 

What did a fool say?  just acting erratic..said others will take a Skyfall like Daniel Craig / James Bond!

What did the rules say?  it was just a Deliberate Falsehood; somebody lied to y'all!! they said something about trying to bond!

 What did the schools say?  old, new or next?  whose acting false in the hood? please!! we hit you up with this breakbeat scientific business!

 ....based on reflections and premonitions when dipping down I-20 ...check these Chronicles;  as we let you know the business!

Cory Booker will soon know what the deal on a food stamp budget..

Check the score..what did a crook have for ya? please!! just check the  insider trading..a fool just loves it...

Check the score...this rider keeps fading the system..dipping down I-20 after I-65 / I-75 expeditions...

Check the score...after jumping and sliding through the portal with these I-20 humpday / holiday editions..  

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