Saturday, December 08, 2012

We’re Taking A Look At Things / Peeping Game

Check the street terminology…the sociology..psychology…the brotha O-Zone is peeping game!  haters were foul with this..

Taking a look at things…using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision…but rolling discrete; usually quiet is kept in these danger zones…not protesting at Morsi’s palace..

But I wasn’t sleeping in these games!….a crook thought he had things..he had to change his mind..but I was keeping an eye on these jokers..wolves in sheep clothing show malice..casting the blame on my brethren; Ice Cube mentioned Americas Most Wanted! 

A brotha removes him self from the front lines like Tommy Tuberville up to Cincy…I wasn’t a sacrificial lamb..I kept it moving / dipping; a moving target is hard to hit…I wasn’t fronting; I never Hollywood stunted!

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