Saturday, December 08, 2012

Were Out Here Dealing With The Climate Change

 Bearing witness to the players ball / convention; similar to being in Doha with the Kyoto Protocol! 

Listening to the Kyoto Jazz Massive...check the mind expansions while discussions were held about the climate change; some jokers were heard saying its hard out here for a player y'all! 

Some were passive / aggressive....cussing and fussing!! talking about She's Strange like Cameo!! heard saying life / she is a bitch! 

Praying and cursing at the same time!! heard asking have you seen her? per the Chi-Lites...or they call her name per Switch! 

Players are playing a role after rehearsing.. but the climate will we keep fighting like Marquez vs these  insights are dropped; we turn the switch on! 

Prayers protect my soul!! now I'm on a roll..intergalactic; out beyond Pluto and Mars....finding a star to hitch my aura on!

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