Saturday, December 08, 2012

Regular Rotation

I was able to recognize the pranks like Mel Greig and Michael Christian at radio stations in Sydney....whats the deally?  I spotted the regular rotation! 

R. I.P. Jacintha Saldanha...we jumped to a conclusion; check the love / hate relations with the media..word from this dude with a regular vocation! 

No conclusion to the Total Chaos though..dealing with the madness after the storm like Breezy Point...whats your point some asked? though on two and night like the when I loved them! 

No conclusion to the madness..check the regular rotation...though Mercury stations and moves forward in Scorpio; soon in Sagittarius ..the saga / struggle continues....nefarious ones?  I pushed and shoved them! 

We rise above them; supposedly like Atlanta they rise up!

The wise and otherwise loved them!! the ongoing dramas / regular rotation;  but I was wise to the whole set up! 

But I rise to the occasion...I can't let up; I've come too far to turn back!

Even though the polls were like Rasmussen vs Obama; they said I was behind!!  would I have to give what I earned back?

Lessons learned back in the day and today; the process is ongoing! 

Whose stressing due to the regular rotation? martial law in Egypt?     others stay strong ..going for what they're knowing! 

Whose blessing us? God is..and he will continue to; check the ongoing process!

Part of the regular we continue to put work in; every now and then zoning / chilling with a relieve / stop the stress!

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