Sunday, December 02, 2012

What It Do? We're Still Dedicated To The Truth

 Peeped game..saw the billboard on the side of the road asking; What Would God Do? 

Others creeped in the game like monsters..answering the question; What Would Godzilla Do? some  it seems odd that I'm trying to keep it real with you..that's because I'm dedicated to the truth and reality!

 But it didn't seem odd when I was on the offensive like D Wade; driving to the hoop? jokers were fouling me! 

...or offensive fouls were committed by me...R.I.P Jovan Belcher;  ...coping strategies can fail ya...sometimes dialing back will be the strategy..sometimes some aren't ready! 

They aren't able said old girl...I heard the the drama will unfurl like mass hysteria in Syria... its like the Whispers some get rocked steady!

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Random Thoughts From A Brotha: What It Do? We're Still Dedicated To The Truth

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