Sunday, December 02, 2012

Zoning / Easy Like Sunday Morning

Some will be subject to the authority like county zoning and planning commissions!

Dude mentioned Agenda 21...what are some on? haters try to change the subject..I peeped game while I was zoning;  asking the Lord's forgiveness for sins of omission and commission! 

Whats up with it? easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores;  we were on a mission...that's the deal with this breakbeat / scientific like cloning...check the intelligent design! 

Check the evolution..Trump called for a revolution; he was out of his damn mind! 

Let my kind talk that talk!! charges are trumped up.. fusion centers will blackout from the information overload! 

The economy made some walk the walk; even the nerd went through a transformation...rolling with Chapo up in Chicago? transforming into a drug overlord!

But the universe isn't on one no peace in the Middle East! 

Whats the deal Hamas and Israel flex muscles..meanwhile this Louisville brotha hustles; trying to partake of the feast!

....dealing with the beast!! trying to dip down I-85 in Atlanta...but caught behind a Nissan Versa...damn!!  then a Toyota Matrix! 

...was chilling / zoning......easy like Sunday Morning...but now its on again!!  rolling in the old school Toyota Camry like immigrants drive in Doraville and Clarkston..trying to dip through the matrix!

Whats the deal? jokers try to fake it...flexing...launching rockets like North Korea...

This brotha had to chill...zoning..but the simple can turn into a complex the mass hysteria in Syria..

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