Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Class Is In Session On This Terrible / Terrific Tuesday

As we proceed and continue; once again its on!! please!! it's another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!!  per reality? class is in session! 

True indeed!!  what's the outlook / perspective;  positive / negative? jokers were clowning!! the menu was prepared by chefs in hell's kitchen so you know the masses are stressing! 

True indeed!!  jokers like Trump are disrespecting, so what are they expecting?  check the response as broken beats and English teach the classes a lesson;  O-Dizzle has the Sonic Blackjack! 

True indeed!! we're connecting with the masses, sending signals like HD 164595, this is no jive!!   please!! much respect but this is no Gene Wilder  joke!! that's the dizzle, as we bring it back! 

Fallacies were exposed; some say it's wild how I work this but O-Zone aka Omanxl1 is going for mine!!  central to the purpose? it's this breakbeat scientific business! 

Policies left some exposed they weren't composed;  a fanatic was rolling like Apple in Ireland owing taxes!! we tried to tell them what the deal is! 

These mathematics tell some what the real is!! on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday  the sword of truth swings!! what's the perspective?  positive / negative?  in previous episodes some were acting funny! 

Now the Sonic Blackjack is swinging;  in jack modes!! attacks were preemptive!!  hitting up jokers trying to run me! 

Not launching missiles like the North Koreans, but realizing its on me!! not these ATL wannabe macks and divas!

..Even noticed megachurch macks and divas confronting non-believers!!  Creflo Dollar rolling with Trump?  the apparatus will try to deceive us! 

From alpha to omega we *holla atcha* with this good word plus the beats will thump!! some might believe us, after the Sonic Blackjack slaps them upside the head! 

So what's the perspective after the impact,  per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?  positive? negative? plots and schemes against us when we're just trying to live? usually successful against those waiting in the dark..they were misled!

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