Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Atmosphere PT.4 ( The Full Moon Edition)

 So what's up? It's another Throwback / Thirsty Thursday!! the atmosphere shifted!! it's going down!!

It began with an Aquarius full moon,  now fools will swoon!!  they either speed up or slow down. 

O-Dog's High Velocity Mix or Loose End's Slow Down is heard in the background. 

The DJ  O-Dog will *fix it in the mix* , he'll take a beat and break it but not to be confused with Mr. Brexit, we're  rebuking updated Richard Nixon tricks,  we didn't back down. 

We dipped per Gulf Coast Escapades with Louisiana flood previews but we came back around,  still hungry and thirsty. 

Damn!  charades still go down in these barrios / settlements / suburbs / hoods, per Ecclesiastes 1:9  nothing was new under the sun:  but how else was it supposed to go down on Throwback / Thirsty Thursday? 

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