Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hip Hop ' Jazz ' Chill Beats ► Pabzzz Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues!! check the vibe!! oh!! it's similar to the Sunday morning pep rally I attended..

The saga / struggle continues!! Oh yes! : blessed to see it / blessing rendered...

Faith / patience defended / already tested?  please! You know a naysayer already stressed it!

Bringing this laid back vibe!!  love hip hop and jazz blended!! previously? I confessed it

Checking out  the  Hip Hop ' Jazz ' Chill Beats ► Pabzzz Mix , we're out here trying to get our minds right.

 This is courtesy of the  The Jazz Hop Café so let the music play!! check out the playlist and the mix!! plus, per ths #micropoetry we'll be dropping insight.


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