Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Live Broadcast PT.9

 We're live broadcasting  / blogging and podcasting!! straight from the #ATL, we're just out here doing our thing. 

Meanwhile mass / social media were broadcasting our flaws,  flogging and stoning us at the world's town square!!  some accused us of founding ISIS like Trump vs Obama!! accusations are met even if you were L7 square doing your thing!!

...Mentioned by Rick James; out in the wilderness?  hunters were tricked / captured by the game!!  they played themselves. 

Structures are engulfed in flames!!  meanwhile this hunter / gatherer kicked rapture type game!!  some prayed for themselves. 

..Others traded themselves for a dollar,  Euro,  or maybe a pound,  since Great Britain no longer wanted to get down

Something sbout Brexit similar to how O-Dog takes a beat and breaks it? Oh!! he will get down.

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