Monday, August 22, 2016

Regular Scheduled Programming (But, Pardon The Interruption)

It's Monday morning, but pardon the interruption as I write this!! my constituents look for #MondayMotivation as they go through their routines rites and rituals. 

Oh yes! regular scheduled programming is in effect!!  rules followed by habituals. 

Easy on the cut,  no mistakes allowed per Eric B is President by Eric B and Rakim!! I beg your pardon,  we weren't slow jamming we're rocking. 

Clinton or Trump for president? be easy, no corrupt /  fakes allowed!!  no squares allowed in the circle, hustle knocking. 

We weren't easy,  we didn't pump brakes we had work to do!! we're locking it down like security. 

We weren't easy,  but not down in Rio like Ryan Lochte lying and disrespecting security. 

Al Roker went in on him, drunk a cup of tea afterwards!! meanwhile we went on mystic voyages, searching for a cure for this!!  even though Diana Ross said she didn't want one per Love Hangover.  

Excuse me for interrupting the regular scheduled programming but for some the game is over. 

Dreams / nightmares were interrupting / corrupting last nights sleep; the gang was over on a fictional place called Baldwin Road pistol whipping a store owner for the day's proceeds...

Gangs / teams were rocking brown and gold, they said something about being the Baldwin Bears; dreams about irrational fears / needs? 

O-Zone proceeds and continues!! local, national, international and intergalactic were the fronts for spiritual warfare.. 

Clones follow the regular scheduled programming, but pardon the interruption as we take it there!!

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