Monday, August 15, 2016

The Live Broadcast PT. 10 (The Concept Finale)

 Check out this live broadcast!! oh yes!! broadcasting live from a remote outpost in the Atlanta suburbs...

Sounds bumping at the podcast, plus this good word is dropped; not bragging like Gus and Herbs...

Doctor O!! who said I wasn't natural with these herbs, tonics and elixirs? organic!!  check the mixtures and scriptures..

Whatcha know? I "holla atcha" with word on the curb / word in the wind blends after Reading The TelePrompTer / looking at big and little pictures...

Reality is prompt with ya!! from #LouisianaFloods to the drama in Milwaukee hoods there's always going to be something!!

Reality is prompt with ya!! while I-10 meandering I was caught in storms from Mobile to Baton Rouge, I knew it could get rough down that way!!  plus, a week ago while listening to Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show a caller mentioned that Milwaukee residents were on edge; tired of Sheriff David Clarke and his shenanigans /  ain't that something??

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