Sunday, August 21, 2016

DJ Mitsu the Beats – Negative Ion

Oh yes!! he saga / struggle continues!! we’re in the lab trying to get our minds right!!

Sunday Jazz Continues!! spiritual rehab!! micropoetry will drop the insight…

Sunday lights shine per #SundayMorning praise and worship; how will we work it?

Spiritual warfare continues; positive vs negative is the prerogative like it was Terrible Terrific Tuesday!! so how will we work it?

Jazzhop is on these menus!! DJ Mitsu the Beats mentions a Negative Ion; an Ion, electrons and protons don’t equal!!

So what’s up? a negative electrical charge? to the game? some will holler charge!!  it’s rough out here in these streets!! trying to stay positive!! negativity? I see through..
DJ Mitsu the Beats – Negative Ion | Whats Really Going On?

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