Thursday, August 25, 2016

Oh Yes!! It's Another Throwback / Thirsty Thursday

Oh yes! It's Going Down!! Another Throwback / Thirsty Thursday has rolled around. 

I go back!! we're like Rockers Revenge Walking On Sunshine!!  hunger and thirst has always been the fuel or motivation as episodes go down. 

I go back!! still going for mine!!  some knocked the hustle but I wasn't vengeful!! Revenge Is Mine Saith The Lord:  I  "holla at"  some I hung with back in the day,  but it seems they've moved on. 

Well, I have too, somewhat;  your dude rocked!! retro-futuristic,  a fool going ballistic with this good word, plus O-Dogs tracks grooved on!!

Wore out my welcome going ballistic, like North Korea shooting missiles over in the Pacific? 

..Others wore out their welcome from  Chiraq to the ATL!!  to even Louisville,  shooting pistols!! reasons weren't specific. 

"Real Deal Holyfield"  as I take mystic voyages from the past to the future. 

Treasure hunting!! damn!! striking out,  home run hitting and bunting!! so not acting brand new with you. 

Pain? pleasure? still the same old dude per this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday. 

Maintaining! still the same old attitude, motivated by being hungry and thirsty. 

Reigning? oh yes!! the weather is rough out here, who'll work with me? these #ThursdayThoughts were almost corrupted..  

Losing / gaining? oh yes!! it's rough out here!! but it's always been this way, not just on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday!!  we fight back with Sonic Assaults, that's whats up!!

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