Friday, August 19, 2016

It's Going Down On This TGIF / Flashback Friday PT.2 (Choose Your Poison)

It's either TGIF,  Flashback or Freaky Friday; back in the day old dude from East Saint Louis said you'll have to choose your poison..

Give the weed and cash back if it'll affect your attitude!! like Ryan Lochte and US Swimmers in Brazil? situations? you'll lose your poise in...

Indeed!! we lash back when we bring the noise in!! plus we're locked in with the  .

Indeed!! we lash back at those trying to blame a brotha for everything like Hillary Clinton vs Colin Powell per her e-mails!! we set sails and go on a binge! rebuking the systems alt-shift-deletes...

It's rough out here in these streets! the coping strategy fails!! dead arm like Colin Kaepernick?  we get open, breakbeat science we kick!!

They say your dude is spaced out, that's because the mothership gets good mileage!! off the hinge type of knowledge we kick...

Some said I'm acting strange!!  staying bunkered down!!  it's even getting ugly around holy sites!! a brotha didn't find the Shroud of Turin but in hideaways I found shelter.

But O-Dog's beats will bang....he hunkered down...studied beats all the way down to the chromosones, where's the award?...we're rebuking the helter skelter.

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors? coping strategies will fail ya!! The Hostile Takeover will have you going through those changes!! word from Buddy Miles and Jimi Hendrix.

Rebuking horrors / terrors as we come back with these!! check the style, we kept on running..we didn't pump our brakes like Bendix.

Back up in this!! intuition working overtime, getting over with mine? on this TGIF,  Flashback or Freaky Friday we'll have to choose our poison..

Back up in this!! adding my two cents with a limited return on my investment when I bring these Sonic Assaults / but still  choosing to bring the noise in..

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