Friday, August 12, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Still Running This Marathon)

We're out here early!!  dipping down I-20 in Atlanta dealing with this #ATLtraffic!

 Slipping and sliding through portals, letting my peeps know how the sport goes!!  dropping these #ATL mathematics. 

....Or rather it's truth or reality as we know it,  based on running this marathon. 

....Hunting and gathering information;  some will wonder what we're on!

 Once again it's on!!  a long distance runner like I was from Kenya,  trying to pass the baton but nobody would work with me. 

Circumstances by Wayman Tisdale plays in the background as I post up like he did back in the day,  but some act like my folk are unworthy. 

Circumstances are debatable;  being built or torn down?  the work will be questioned. 

Donald Trump type sarcasm per Obama founding ISIS and sideways glances revealed the level of scorn hasn't turned down!!  but the Lord still blessed those and them. 

Some have spasms when DJ Snake and Lil Jon asked turn down for what? please!! the board of directors stressed them and those!!  now they run up and down I-20 in Atlanta in Dodge Chargers and Challengers like they're important. 

Information overload stressed them !! now want to charge it to the game due to challenges!! they're finding out how complex the sport can get. 

My mission?  I didn't abort it,  I keep working it all out,  so I can have stamina to run this marathon. 

 Knowing how the sport can get!!  working it all out;   they damn ya if you do or don't,  but once again it's on!


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